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Cherry Burl Ball Vase

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Exclusive to QTTE!

We're thrilled to offer a limited number of these hand-made and hand-turned Thayer-style ball vases from the shop of Majic Brand Woodturning and its proprietor, Angelo Iafrate. Each example we're offering is truly unique - a one-of-a-kind prop that is both functional and collectible.

The effect is so straightforward and magical as to be a bona fide classic. The magician removes a gleaming red ball from a handsome wooden vase, and replaces the vase's lid. The ball is placed in the performer's pocket - or vanishes from his hands. When the lid of the vase is removed again, the ball is seen inside. It has mysteriously returned home, right where it started. Of course, many combinations or variations are possible, but this is the standard, time-honored effect.

While you may be familiar with the vases made for magic sets and other entry-level models of this prop, it's hard to overstate the quality of craftsmanship represented by Angelo's models. Some collectors and other turners have commented that his work rivals that of Floyd Thayer himself. Crafted from select hardwoods -- many of them exotic or rare -- each handmade vase features a fine finish that enhances the natural grain, and a brightly lacquered red ball and matching shell. It should also be noted that the shells can be easily removed from their holding rings, allowing for a host of versatile routines and moves, including a Multiplying Billiard Ball-like effect, with the sphere held in the magician's hand.

This particular model is made of cherry burl harvested in Rhode Island by two of Angelo’s very good friends, Dr. Bill Smith and Larry “Lunk a Dunk” Dunklee. Only one available!

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