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Carnival Countdown

  • AP2159.1
  • AP2159.2
  • AP2159.3
  • AP2159.4

A borrowed watch is placed in a bag on a platform below a large metal bell on a carnival high-striker-type device. The magician now attempts to escape from a pair of handcuffs as the watch descends toward a bowl of acid below the bell. At a moment of panic, as the watch nears the acid, the machine malfunctions. But the performer escapes the cuffs and removes the bowl in the nick of time - or so it seems. At the apparent moment of triumph, the bell itself drops from above, crushing the bag and watch inside. But, all is not lost - the magician then reveals - after a near-panic from the watch's owner - that the timepiece is in fact unharmed, and is now securely locked to the handcuffs he escaped from only a moment before. One of six units manufactured. With the original packing cases with custom-cut foam inserts, instructions, and all accessories, including spare light bulbs, cloths, etc. A few unobtrusive marks and chips from use, but very good working condition overall.


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