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And So to Bed

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A comedy finish to your act based on an idea of Karrell Fox. The magician or emcee relates that after a night of too much booze, he found himself groggy and wandered off to bed. As the story is related, the performer displays a jug of whiskey in his hands. As the tale is concluded, the magician snaps the jug apart, and it becomes a candle in a candlestick and a chamber pot. Then, from his pocket (or change bag, or elsewhere), a long white nightshirt is produced. The shirt is donned, and the candle and chamber pot are picked up as the performer exits the stage... and heads off, presumably, to bed! Whiskey jug/chamber pot/candlestick prop made of lacquer-finished wood; nightshirt new and unused. Likely manufactured by the Supreme Magic Co., though we have been unable to trace the exact maker's name or origin of the routine. First we've seen!

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