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The Transcendental Half

  • MA1272.jpg
  • Manufacturer: Mison-Worth
  • Size: 2 x 2 x 1"
  • Condition: Very Good

A small walnut box with hinged lid is presented by the magician. The box has slots in the top and bottom surfaces which would ordinarily permit a half dollar dropped into the upper slot to pass, unimpeded, through the box and emerge from the bottom plastic which completely fills the bottom of the box thus obstructing the exit slot. After passing these items for examination, the magician closes the lid, borrows a half dollar, and drops the coin slowly into the upper slot. Instead of being stopped by the plastic, the coin emerges from the lower slot apparently having pierced the solid obstruction. Box, coin, and undisturbed plastic square are all passed again for inspection. Includes instructions. Mild wear, else in very good condition.

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